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  • Refund Please!

    Sorry to hear you’re not satisfied! Please note that we only provide refunds for the following situations:

    1. In the event a buyer receives an Error 404 within 48 hours upon payment received for their order.
    2. If a buyer does not receive their custom video after 30 days and attempts to troubleshoot with model failed; or a buyer did not receive a valid tracking number for their custom request if the shipment is not received. (If a buyer received a valid tracking number but never received the package, that’s unfortunately the postman’s fault, not our liability. No refund for that! Have a safe and reliable place to receive mail, and make sure your billing info matches your shipping address!)
      3) If a model reposted a video under false pretenses that you’ve already purchased (in which case the listing will also be removed).
      4) Request to cancel an order within 24 hours upon purchasing as long as all the videos included in the order are NOT downloaded or streamed (we can tell!)

    Duplicate orders are NOT refundable, as buyers are instructed to only click once at checkout and to check email notifications for completed orders. Buyers are also warned when they attempt to repurchase a video.

    Please note: If you issue a chargeback to get a refund, we will dispute. This will result in your bank seeing your order history/details if you so choose to issue a chargeback. This is a valid warning because that IS what will happen when we are legally required go over order details with your bank to maintain our relationship with our payment processor :) We hope you heeding this warning will potentially save you some embarrassment at the bank!

    To request a refund submit your Order number/s and a brief explanation--failure to do so, or to request a refund for any other approved reason--will result in your ticket being ignored and closed :)

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