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Sorry about that! If you’ve received this message within 48 hours of ordering, close this tab and select “Refund Please!” to continue! If it’s been after 48 hours of ordering, include your order number so we can investigate–if the model has deleted the clip, there’s unfortunately nothing we can do. But, if there’s a glitch with their listing, we can troubleshoot to get it fixed and get you the file/s! 🙂

Sorry to hear that! This tends to happen when a product has an emoticon or emoji in the video title, which causes database issues preventing the sale of the listing. Please copy and paste the name of the product you’re trying to buy so we can investigate and fix it 🙂

If you’ve received an email notification stating that your order is “Completed”, you can find it in either your email notifications, or on your Buyer Dashboard under Orders OR Downloads 🙂

Sorry to hear you’re not satisfied! Please note that we only provide refunds for the following situations:

  1. In the event a buyer receives an Error 404 within 48 hours upon payment received for their order.
  2. If a buyer does not receive their custom video after 30 days and attempts to troubleshoot with model failed; or a buyer did not receive a valid tracking number for their custom request if the shipment is not received. (If a buyer received a valid tracking number but never received the package, that’s unfortunately the postman’s fault, not our liability. No refund for that! Have a safe and reliable place to receive mail, and make sure your billing info matches your shipping address!)
    3) If a model reposted a video under false pretenses that you’ve already purchased (in which case the listing will also be removed).
    4) Request to cancel an order within 24 hours upon purchasing as long as all the videos included in the order are NOT downloaded or streamed (we can tell!)

Duplicate orders are NOT refundable, as buyers are instructed to only click once at checkout and to check email notifications for completed orders. Buyers are also warned when they attempt to repurchase a video.

Please note: If you issue a chargeback to get a refund, we will dispute. This will result in your bank seeing your order history/details if you so choose to issue a chargeback. This is a valid warning because that IS what will happen when we are legally required go over order details with your bank to maintain our relationship with our payment processor 🙂 We hope you heeding this warning will potentially save you some embarrassment at the bank!

To request a refund submit your Order number/s and a brief explanation–failure to do so, or to request a refund for any other approved reason–will result in your ticket being ignored and closed 🙂

Easy fix! 🙂 Please provide the Order number(s) to get started!

Sorry to hear that! ScatShop is unique in that one you purchase a clip, most of the time, it remains available to download in the future. All other clip stores, require you to download immediately and then offer no access later. If a clip you purchased no longer appears in your account, the seller may have removed it from their store and/or closed their store. Downloads are guaranteed for 48 hours after you purchase the clip. Once that time passes, having downloaded it and safe storage of your purchase is up to you. No refunds are applied, as per our existing refund policies.

Thanks for your order! 🙂 But there’s just one more thing to do to verify you own the credit/debit card you are trying to use… Your order could not be processed because part of it failed a basic fraud check while the card was being run. Some of the time this indicates a fraudulent order, and sometimes it’s a legitimate order. Because of the nature of content and products sold on the site (which cannot be found anywhere else) Scatshop is a “high risk merchant”–therefore, we go the extra mile sure to keep Scatshop fraud free.

To prove ownership of your credit/debit card please take a photo of our website with the credit card being held in front of it, and your order can be processed. THE ENTIRE CARD NUMBER DOES NOT HAVE TO BE VISIBLE — But the last 4 digits do, to confirm they match. 

You can issue a Help Ticket with your order number and the uploaded verification image, and then your account will be verified, your order completed, and download links sent.

Thanks for your order! 🙂 If this is your first order, our staff must review the order to perform a basic fraud check. If everything looks fine, your downloads will be sent, and if not, you may be asked to verify your purchase. We protect our buyers and sellers in keeping ScatShop fraud free. Our staff checks reviews new orders several times per day, if we haven’t gotten to your order yet it’s merely because we’re in-between sessions 🙂 After passing the check, all future purchases made by your credit/debit card will be automatic! Thank you for your patience.

Sorry to hear that! Our suggestion: tell the model to fix her listing! 🙂 And to send you the correct file via Private Files sharing after. If she fails to do this, give her 1 star and complain in a review.

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