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Dave London’s Massive Shit


Fit British porn star Dave London makes his debut for us with an exclusive scat clip he filmed just for us. You can tell by his hard cock that he’s horny and turned on by thought of shitting for an audience and he wastes no time in getting to the brown action. He flips on to his back, spreads his ass and lets a massive shit curl out of his smooth hole. Watch in close up as the huge poo slides out of his ass. Dave can’s wait to taste his turd and gets his face down next to his log to give it a good lick. He literally has a shit eating grin as he tongues and licks the fresh shit. He grabs two big handfuls and rubs it into his sexy ass, getting his cheeks dirty and brown. This is a great shitty exclusive from a true porn star who has filmed with Cazzo, Eurocreme, Triga Films and Treasure Island Media.

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