[DSP07] Shitty feet jerk |Smearing|Licking|Chewing|


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|Shitting|Feet n Toes|Smearing|Licking|Chewing|Jerink|Drinking|Cuming| /// Had to dump my shit and I got too horny 😛 First I’m teasing you with showing my dirty soles, smelly feet and toes. Then I push out a nice turd from my filthy nasty boyhole. My feet makes me so horny I couldn’t resist to cover it with my shit. The smelly brown stuff ended up covering all over my sole. Then I sniffed and wanted to have a lick. From there I got in a dirty trance licking my shit from my feet sucking on my turd drinking piss and jerking my cock furiously until I spray my perv sperm over my chest.

Heyo, I’m a vers/switch boy. I’m a perv since I’m a lil kid. Around six I discovered that pissing on my naked tummy and chest is fun and makes my willy stiff XD Porn addict since 8. Love jerking for hours n hours. Around 13 I started liking to show off my naked body. Loved going nude at beaches and nature. I realised I’m both exhibitionist and voyeur. At those times my teenage dick always got hard whenever I saw someone staring at my smooth lil body and huge boner. I just couldn’t resist jerking. Since then not much changedXD During high school I had a cam chat with a guy who wanted to see me fingering my dirty ass. When he first suggested I should lick my shitty fingers I hesitated a bit but I got hooked soon :P Now days I still jerk as much as a teen and love dirty sex more then ever. Since Im both top and bottom, dom and sub I love reading all kinds of comments and messages about what fantasies people have with me. Now I’m also a Ca$h Ma$ter with some loyal Pay Pigs.
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