Taking a Suppository to Poop my Diaper


this clip starts with a wet diaper change, during the change i decide to get a suppository to help make sure i make as nice big mess in my next diaper. you see me insert the suppository and push in a bit to make sure it wont come back out before taping up the fresh diaper. next i cut about 15 min forward to about 1 min before i lose control and helplessly shit myself in my diaper. you can see my squirm a little and fidget as i try to hold it but eventually lose the battle as a lump forms in the back of my diaper. this scene also shows my facial expressions. i sit up and start squishing the mess all around and even wet myself as i push more poop into my waiting diaper. the final bit i lay on my back and open the diaper to sow you the big mess i have made and how the poop it stuck to me.

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