Mission Pissboy


Join agent Goldenboy on this this top secret mission, his objective – to test out the new uniform of the Special Piss Force!
Our hidden cameras capture him deep undercover of the woodland as he unleashes a torrent of hot piss all over himself to test for waterproofing – moaning in ecstasy as he does!
Then to test his regulation pull-up nappy/diaper – don’t let the enemy catch you with your pants down!
His padded apple bum strains as he pushes out a pile of warm fresh shit into them before putting them through rigorous testing procedures.
Then it’s time to test the gas mask for odour protection as he smears his beautiful creamy shit all over his smooth cute boy butt cheeks.
Finally his top secret weapon is revealed – his Anal Ass-ault cannon. we capture the moment he unleashes a high power enema, sure to bring any enemy to his knees!
It’s all in a day’s work for agent Goldenboyuk!