Afternoon Shitting


Ready for a Double Dump-vision™ feature? Poppa’s back with his big bushy beard and bare ASS in HD ♥ Afternoons are best spent with coffee, cigarettes, a good book, hot porn …and they’re the ideal time for taking big soft SHITS. Don’t you agree? Afternoon Shitting lets you watch me shit twice (two different afternoons) in crisp detail and glorious post-lunch daylight. Re-live the crackling defecation in slow-motion instant replay with enhanced audio, as you jack your cock to the point where you just can’t hold back your seed. Cum inside my poop!

Shit #1 takes place on a snowier day and is especially soft. Practically half diarrhea. There’s no introductory chit-chat for this one …i really had to shit! As my hairy asshole is spread wide in “you are here” clarity, my crap comes out fast in a curling sloppy pile that will make your mouth water. The audio simply must be heard, it’s so fucking wet and squelchy (especially in slow motion). It looks like a foul salsa recipe for pre-cumming pervs. Shit salsa! Lots of high-res close-up views, and an encore.

Shit #2 occurs in the brighter warmth of afternoon sunlight. Totally nude save my hat, i smoke a dirty cancer causing cigarette and ask if you really want me to shit in your face. You do??? Alright mister. A big juicy log of male feces somewhere between hard and soft comes crackling out… and you can really see my anus stretching wide as it passes, hemorrhoids and all. Afterwards, i smush the softer end with my fingers and use my own dung as an ashtray. Wouldn’t you just love to consume my filthy shit and ashes, you dirty boy? (i see that STIFF penis! Mmmmm …did i do that? ♥) Savour the brief but sizzling slo-mo replay of my cigarette going out as it’s pushed deep inside my soft turd. And there’s a bonus: a zip folder with over 30 high-res photos. Turn my dirty male poop into the wallpaper of your wet dreams, on your smartphone and your desktop.

So yeah. Get ready for 8 and a half minutes of high-definition shitting FILTH, faggot! And stay tuned for more clips. i have some great ones already filmed and on the way. Just gotta edit and render them. ♥

TECHNICAL NOTES: For your convenience, this purchase comes with four video downloads, plus a bonus.

– 1 large MP4 (1920 x 1080, approximately 1 GB).
– 1 much smaller MP4 (856 x 480, for data-conscious smartphone peeps. Truly great despite a nearly 92% bit-rate reduction!)
– 1 large WMV (1920 x 1080, approximately 708 MB).
– 1 smaller WMV (856 x 480, for older computers and/or those who prefer this format).
– Bonus zip folder with pics.

If you guys would prefer other formats (MKV for example), let me know OK? i’m here to please you! i still plan to invest in professional lights and newer software as soon as affordability allows. But this clip shows how good lighting and the ideal spot make for perfect pooping. i’d definitely call this one HD. ♥

Enjoy my excrement and cum again soon for more, pig! Love always,

Poppa xoxo ♥

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