Double Piss #1


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Piss pigs, rejoice! ♥ PoppaShits has a double treat for you today. Double Piss #1. Two hot, fresh, stinking ejaculations of gushing male urine from my old penis …just for you. Re-live the excitement in dreamy slow motion with louder audio, so you can hear every gurgle and splash like you’re head-deep (both heads, if you catch my drift) in a wet dream. Who wants some of Poppa’s pee-pee? You do? Well let me tell you what you’re in for, homo.

In Piss #1 you can hear faint music from my (sometimes annoying) Russian neighbour below, as i lay in the tub and piss on myself. The lighting here is a bit warm and saturated. You get some great macro detail of my dick head, pudgy old hairy belly and piss as i SOAK my musty pubes in glistening burbling pee. There’s a funny moment at the end. :p

Piss #2 is an outtake from “Sloppy Tub-Time Smearing”, my first video on ScatShopMen – . Having smeared my soft dung all over my bare ass, i washed my hands so i could better handle the camera for some aftermath photos…only to realize i needed to take a fucking pee! Pulling my foreskin up, my shit covered cock lets loose its yellow waste all over itself, my shit-smeared thighs and tub …just for you. The slow-motion pissing replay for this one is actually MUCH sexier than the normal speed, i think. What do you think, baby? Let me know!

Pull down your pants and get ready for 6 minutes of wet golden FILTH. i had to finger my horny slimy anus and jack off while editing this… And good news, piss pig! Poppa already has another extra-disgusting video coming soon. “Yellow Geyser” will BLOW you away! ♥ A strong burbling morning piss while laying on my unprotected bed. It turned out soooo good, even better than this video! i smoke a cigarette in it as well.

TECHNICAL NOTES: For your convenience, this purchase comes with three video downloads.

– 1 large MP4 (1920 x 1080, approximately 848 MB).
– 1 much smaller MP4 (856 x 480, for data-conscious smartphone peeps. Truly great despite an over 93% bit-rate reduction!)
– 1 in-between WMV (856 x 480, for older computers and/or those who prefer this format).

If you guys would prefer other formats (MKV for example), let me know OK? i’m here to please you! One more thing for now: making porn is teaching me a lot about lighting. i do plan to invest in professional lights and newer software as soon as affordability allows. This video was not filmed in the world’s greatest-ever lighting, lol. And you lose a bit when re-encoding. So i would lean towards calling this “good SD by someone who knows what the macro setting is and cares” vs “HD”. Rest assured, i’m aiming for crisper vids down the line, but i think sexiness and lewd creativity count for a lot.

More importantly, i will never put something up for sale unless i honestly think “this is something i’d buy and want more of afterwards.” i’d rather build a reputation as a hot-ass creator who makes stuff you just GOTTA have than be someone who makes 1000 videos no one wants to jerk off to. Y’know? Even if that means leaving a lot of stuff on the cutting room floor. Only the best for my nasty faggots.

Enjoy the video pig! Don’t cum too much and i’ll see you soon, sugar.
Love always, PoppaShits xoxo ♥

Hey guys! i’m Poppa Shits (also know as Adam, haha ♥) and i live in Canada. i may sound younger (and even look younger thanks to certain lighting and occasional rounds of beard dye, haha) but i’m getting up there. i would love to hear from you! i’m a consumer of porn (and scat porn) myself, so i know what a treat it is to find someone willing to go the extra mile to make your toes curl and really, really make your scrotum spew seed.