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About Me

Hi, I’m Goldenboyuk – a slim, smooth and toned young looking gay lad, I love to explore the gentle kinky fun I can have with my own body, and especially ¬†like to show that piss and poo play can be sensual not sleazy!

I take a lot of time filming and editing my videos to make them as professional and erotic as possible, often filming outdoors and with different scenarios and outfits and composing the soundtrack to them too.

They are all High quality of a decent length and always show my face in them. you are not getting just another faceless dumping ass video, (except when I’m wearing my gas mask as part of my outfit!)

If you are a lover of twinks shitting then I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Feel free to message me, I love feedback from my fans and suggestions of what you like best or scenarios you’d like to see in upcoming videos.

Hope to add some new videos soon, but go for quality over quantity.

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