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  • Verification required

    Thanks for your order! :) But there's just one more thing to do to verify you own the credit/debit card you are trying to use... Your order could not be processed because part of it failed a basic fraud check while the card was being run. Some of the time this indicates a fraudulent order, and sometimes it's a legitimate order. Because of the nature of content and products sold on the site (which cannot be found anywhere else) Scatshop is a “high risk merchant”--therefore, we go the extra mile sure to keep Scatshop fraud free.

    To prove ownership of your credit/debit card please take a photo of our website with the credit card being held in front of it, and your order can be processed. THE ENTIRE CARD NUMBER DOES NOT HAVE TO BE VISIBLE -- But the last 4 digits do, to confirm they match. 

    You can issue a Help Ticket with your order number and the uploaded verification image, and then your account will be verified, your order completed, and download links sent.

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