CWM PPG – Blue And White Briefs Bulge

CWM: Poop Filled Panties In Front Of The Mirror


I’m standing in front of the mirror with my back to the camera, giving you a clear view of my ass in a cute little pair of striped panties. You can see my reflection as I intently moisturise my face and groom my beard, interrupted momentarily by my hands instinctively dropping down to pull my panties up, seamlessly returning to moisturising my face. Suddenly, without any warning a huge bulge explodes from the back of my panties as they fill with poop. I barely react,, only momentarily using one hand cup the bulge before I continue casually moisturising my face, leaving my shit filled panties on display until I’m done. I wiggle my butt, bouncing the bulge up and down, finally turn my attention to my messy panties. I grab a wooden chair and stand over it with my legs either side, quickly pulling my panties up. The warm, soft bulge pressed against my ass as I lower myself down onto the chair…

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