CWM PPG – Onesie Pleasure

CWM: Onesie Shitting, Smearing & Dirty Pleasuring


I’m standing up, showing you my ass in a cute blue and red spotted onesie. I moan gently as I tense up and push as hard as I can. You can hear a soft crack as shit visibly fills the back of my onesie, immediately followed by the sound of piss hitting the wooden floor. I gently examine the bulge with my hand and wiggle my ass, spending a moment enjoying the sensation of wearing a onesie full of poop before I get really messy. I squash the bulge with my hand, smearing shit all over my ass before I unbutton my onesie and pull it down. I gently tease my cock while I’m standing with my onesie round my knees, giving you an opportunity to look at my shit covered bum. I turn around so you can watch me as I stroke my throbbing cock. I’m covered in shit, moaning with pleasure as I work my throbbing cock until cum cascades out all over the piss soaked floor…

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