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Zefirs and bananas in my poo-hole (HQ sound)


Before filming I urinated into my hole making the poo liquid and runny. That’s a great pleasure when you put your cock in your own hole and make pee there! So after that preparation I started the show. I shoved zefirs and bananas and masturbated my dear noisy hole with my hands and a long dildo so sweetly; excreted all the goodies and repacked them and again…Till the end, towards to and during the orgasm I’ve eaten almost all the poop up and put the remaining – purposely saved them – bits of bananas and zefir richly coated in poo and urine in a bread baking dish. Now that bread is cooked (I added there milk and more of my pee and ass juices) and it’s so tasty and smelly!:)

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