A walk on the wild side!


What better way to spend a spring day than being out for a stroll with a handsome young man in the beautiful green countryside.
The call of nature takes over in more ways than one, when he has to stop to relieve himself, and what better place than in an tree urinal – perfectly crafted for him by nature itself!
Further up the trail and the need to piss overwhelms him again, this time however he’s so desperate he doesn’t get his cock out soon enough and we get to witness a delightful dark wet patch creeping slowly through his tight blue jeans!

The scent of his fresh piss in the open air and warm wetness of his soaked jeans turns our lad on so much he decides to add some more of his own natural scents to the scene.
Undoing his secret rear zipper and spreading his bum cheeks over a fallen tree, his hole soon puckers to ooze his own brown fertiliser back to nature.
Moments later unable to control his horniness, we watch as he squats down onto his smooth fresh pile of warmth, pissing as he wriggles and rides his pile to ecstasy!

Unsatisfied with the number of logs in the woods, he spreads his smooth bubble butt cheeks, stretches his arse lips once again to deposit one of his own beautiful brown logs onto the woodland floor, this then makes it’s way back up his cute poop chute like a natural dildo, only to be gifted to the world once more.
Finally our day out in the country culminates in a creamy cum explosion!