Taking A Dump In Bed


Are you hungry? Well don’t be shy! Come on right over because your Alpha Master Steve has a very special meal for you!

You see, as a Master I’m entitled to enjoy the luxury comforts of life, such as not having to walk all the way to a bathroom when I take a shit. I like taking off my silk boxers and get back into bed to take a BIG shit in there. But Master Steve is calling for your help, will you take the call?

Think how amazing it would be for you to put your mouth over my Alpha male asshole and lick it for me. To hear my grunt in pleasure as you tongue fuck my asshole. You like making your Alpha Master feel good don’t you? While you’re licking my manly asshole deep I might as well put your Beta male mouth to good use and take my morning shit while you’re back there to eat it for me.

Now be a good Beta boy and keep your mouth sealed tight over your Alpha male Master’s asshole! Hear my moans of pleasure & relief as the taste hits you of my thick & creamy turds slowly slithering into your mouth like soft brown snakes. Make your Alpha male feel good today by letting him shit in your mouth. It’s your destiny!

Full Disclosure: The woman you see in the video for a few seconds holding the second camera does not participate in any way shape or form. She is merely filming the close-up angle 🙂

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