Suited to shit. (HD 25mins)


Suited in his revealing unitard this horny lad is ready for some wet and messy fun and games!
it doesn’t take long before is so horned up he relieves himself all over his sexy suit and crisp white bedsheets spraying his hot piss load from his hard cock into his mouth and even over his head the pressure is so great!
The fact this hot horny lad’s ass is full does’t mean the games have to stop, quite the contrary – nothing comes more natural and wholesome than playing with his own particular produce.
It’s a sheer natural dirty delight to watch this smooth boy next door get lost in his own ecstasy as he shits on his bed, dildos his dirty hole, repacks it, and (a special for foot lovers) smears it all over his cute feet!
Some hot farts and a good taste of his fresh shit as he licks his dirty dildo clean sends him over the edge, culminating in a thick creamy cum shot and a cheeky delighted smile!
This is one hot guy who is suited to shit… and suited to shit!

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