Steve’s Seductive Shit


Gay men and boys unite! Please, do not be shy. You NEVER have to be shy or feel guilty with me, Stinky Steve. Being with me, bringing your seductive lips to my big, dark asshole is perfectly natural. I know what you crave, I know what you need.

I know how much you would want to be with me right now. I held my shit in for so long just for you and my manly body is now aching for relief and release. I’m going to take such a massive and beautiful shit for you. Don’t be shy, bring your mouth close and put it over my manly asshole and savor the intense taste of my thick, soft and juicy turds as I groan in pleasure while filling your mouth and tummy.

I want you to stroke your cock while watching my video. Please don’t be shy, I want your to become rock hard for me. It makes me rock hard knowing you are going to whimper as you cum while watching me take such a massive seductive shit just for you as you also get to watch up close as well as my facial expressions while my body contracts during shitting!

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