Spanish Pig Daddy Eats Shit


Carlos is a 48yo Spanish pig daddy and one hungry motherfucker who loves eating shit. Watch him make a big pile of crap and then get his face right in it to get a good mouthful. He savors the taste as he chews and swallows before getting his tongue back in the pile of fresh shit for more. He’s not finished—after making another pile of crap he gets his tongue into the shit to taste more. Filling his mouth with the fresh shit he chews it and lets it slide back out. He’s a real nasty shit pig. Later he returns to pick up a nice firm turd and pops it in his mouth as a tasty snack. We end with Carlos filling his mouth with another fresh shit. That’s the fourth shit he’s crammed in his mouth to taste! What a nasty shit pig! He just can’t get enough of the taste of shit. If you like watching guys eat shit, this is a treat for you—one hungry pig daddy and four big loads all in one video.

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