Sloppy Tub-Time Smearing


My first smearing video! ♥ i bought some Honey and Oats 12-grain bread to see if it would have a laxative effect …and (pardon the pun) holy shit, did it ever. Watch as i shit out a big creamy load of super soft, sloppy shit just for you. It stinks SO BAD! And you get to re-live it with two slow-motion instant replays at two different speeds. But the fun’s just starting …so join me in the tub, mister. Grab a handful of my poop and edge that erection of yours as i smear my fresh faggot feces ALL over my ass. All over my balls, my cock, ass cheeks and my anus …even pushing some back into my bumhole. It’s no exaggeration to say i get absolutely fucking filthy here! After letting you eat my shit and taste my nasty hole, i give you a teasing countdown …mmmm yeah, fuck me bareback. Feel my feces squelching around your privates. Will Poppa reach one and let you cum? If i do, CUM IN MY BUM MISTER!

This turned out so well that even i enjoy jacking off to it and watching myself. That’s how you know it’s porn, baby! Get ready for 15 minutes and 15 seconds of cum-inducing FILTH. There’s even a bonus goodie: a zip folder containing 17 high-res photos. ♥

TECHNICAL NOTES: For your convenience, this purchase comes with three video downloads, plus a bonus.

– 1 large MP4 ( 1920 x 1080 – about 1 GB in size).
– 1 much smaller MP4 (856 x 480 – for data-conscious smartphone peeps. Surprisingly great despite a nearly 90% bit-rate reduction!)
– 1 in-between WMV (856 x 480 – for older computers and/or those who prefer this format).
– Bonus zip folder with pics.

i usually prefer large MP4s…but for this video, to my surprise the WMV and mobile versions turned out best. Go figure lol. If you guys would prefer other formats (MKV for example), let me know OK? i’m here to please you! One more thing for now: making porn is teaching me a lot about lighting. i do plan to invest in professional lights and newer software as soon as affordability allows. This video was filmed in…not the BEST lighting, lol. And you lose a bit when re-encoding. So i wouldn’t personally call this “HD”. “Good SD by someone who knows what the macro setting is and cares”? Yes. i’m definitely aiming for crisper vids down the line, but i think sexiness and lewd creativity count for a lot.

Rest assured: i will never put something up for sale unless i honestly think “this is something i’d buy and want more of afterwards.” i’d rather build a reputation as a hot-ass creator who makes stuff you just GOTTA have than be someone who makes 1000 videos no one wants to jerk off to. Y’know? Anyway sorry for rambling in the description. It’s my first ScatShop video! Give it a whirl, spew your dirty seed and let’s celebrate together.

Love always, PoppaShits xoxo ♥

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