Shitty Diaper Change FULL CHANGE


So i spent the morning being little in my bedroom and eventually I shit myself in my diapers. now its time to clean up. I start in my onesie and dirty diaper and just show you my bum and squish it around a bit making sure its really messy back there. Then I get to work cleaning myself up. I first open the diaper and show you how dirty it is before using it to scrape most of the sold poop from my bum. then I start using wipes to get the rest of shit off me. slowly the pile of dirty wipes grows as I use a lot wipes and put each one in the dirty diaper. after I finish cleaning up i show you the full mess of the diaper and how many wipes I used before rolling it up and changing into a fresh diaper for the rest of the day. (note this video does NOT show me actually pooping in the diaper, it is already full of shit at the start of the video)

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