Shitting In My Sleep


You’re going to witness me taking the biggest shit ever. The photo’s speak for themselves. Watch as I take a slow & MASSIVE shit on the bed. Then I take my huge pile of shit and lick & suck it just for you!

Afterwards I wipe my shit soiled ass and proceed to lick that very same shit soiled toilet paper before I push it into my mouth. Yes….I even ate the toilet paper I wiped my ass with afterwards.

Coming soon: Recently my owner Goddess Tempest added a brand new female slave (Chanelle) to House Tempest. Chanelle already feature in “girl on girl / lesbian” toilet slave videos with Goddess Tempest in her store and she will soon feature in some of my videos here where she will consume my bowel movements. Chanelle is the ultimate bi-sexual shit eater for men as well as women and Goddess has trained her well 🙂

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