Shit Shake! (20mins HD)


Time to shake things up! And what better way to do it than with a tasty, nutritious banana and chocolate milkshake, the only trouble is…Oh no.. he’s forgotten the chocolate!
All is not lost though as he’s quite capable of producing his own tasty brand of the brown!
Now I bet you can’t guess where he’s gonna mix it, you can? Inside his sweet smooth arse? Yup, you got it!
In goes, the milk, banana, and squirty cream, then he’s gotta shake that arse to mix it up good!
It’s ready to serve as he shits out the mix complete with his own added chocolate flavouring, this drink is too good to enjoy once, so he pukes some up again only to drink it twice, simply delicious!
As if he hasn’t had enough cream for the day, his cock erupts in a euphoria of creamy goodness!
It doesn’t get tastier than this!

Please note a non puking version is also included in this sale for non puke lovers so you can still enjoy the action!

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