Shit Fucked


Our cute horny boy returns with his latest toy a fuck machine!
Of course being such a dirty lad he can’t resist using it on his full hole and delighting in the resulting consequences.
Staring of slowly the machine plows into his smooth tight little hole and it’s not long before his anus is secreting it’s own smooth brown lubricant to assist.
The power goes up and as the thrusts go deeper and harder the shit starts oozing everywhere, you can see the delight of his face the wonderful liberating feeling of having his shit packed hole pounded getting messier with each stroke.
Shit is in’t the only thing that’s getting pounded from him as a torrents of piss are also fucked from him!
He’s covered in shit, his bed’s covered in shit, but a spurting cum shot from his engorged rock hard cock proved that clean up will be well worth the effort!

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