Sasha Takes a Big Dump and Multiple Enemas


Sasha is a kinky 24yo Ukrainian who loves getting dirty. He starts out using the enema nozzle to fuck his shit packed hole, making it leak shit as his works his hole. He smears the shit over his pert buttocks before he fucks his shithole some more. He can’t hold it any longer though and pushes out a massive load of soft shit onto the bathroom floor. With the pressure released from his ass, he begins to piss like a golden fountain. The piss shoots straight into his open, eager mouth and drinks mouthfulls of his own piss. After his piss shower, he shows off his dirty ass, working his hole some more. Using the shower hose, he fills his ass with water and gives himself a series of thorough enemas. Squatting and standing he releases several big blasts of shitty water from his hole until he is running clear. This is one great enema show. he finishes off by turning the audi on so we can hear his as he fucks his freshly cleaned out hole and moans with pleasure.

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