Romanian Personal Trainers Tastes Shit for the First Time


This Myke a bisexual 25yo personal trainer from Romania and it is his first time to try tasting his own shit. Watch as he works his nasty ass with an 8-inch dildo. He gets it deep in his shit-filled hole and then brings the dirty dildo up to his mouth and tastes his shit for the first time. He turns over and pushes out a nice load of shit while he looks at the camera before plunging the dildo back into his shitty cunt and working it some more. Now his dildo is really dirty he licks it some more. He finds the taste really bitter, but licks the dildo anyway. He told me that in the future he thinks he can eat more once he gets used to the taste. Please encourage him to go further by buying his video!

*Please note that Myke didn’t realize that his microphone was broken and so there is no audio track on this video. We apologize, but wanted to share this video anyway as it is genuinely the first time he tried shit eating.

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