Romanian Personal Trainer Shits, Smears and Eats


Myke is back with a new video that is dirtier than ever. The bisexual Romanian starts by showing off his body, getting in a couple of practice squats in the shower that highlight his toned ass. Soon his butt is leaking shit as he starts to push. Not wanting his shit to go to waste, Myke catches some in his hand and smears it on his impressive chest. Soon this personal trainer’s gym body is brown with shit smeared over his pecs and abs. Myke takes a couple of tastes of his own shit, licking it from his dirty fingers. He is getting better at tasting shit with each video, so please keep encouraging him on his journey into scat.

*BONUS! Included is a separate bonus video of Myke flexing and showing of his body as a special thank you to customers who like watching Myke’s muscles.

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