Romanian Body Builder’s Xmas Shit


Myke is back! Watch this hot Romanian body builder get dirty this xmas. Myke is just back from working out at the gym and he is horny and desperate to shit. He starts out with a little flexing to show of his muscles before stripping off and assuming the position. Relaxing his asshole, Myke lets out a big, creamy shit on to the floor in front of his xmas tree. Scooping up some of the warm, fresh shit, he smears it onto his chest and arms. The soft shit covers his muscles as he continues to flex and show off all that hard work in the gym. His ass isn’t satisfied yet and so he works his dirty hole with a dildo, using his own poo as a lubricant to get deep into his ass. As he continues to show off his hot body, Myke can’t resist tasting his shit—its finger licking good. Myke promises that he’ll be back soon with more dirty play for his fans. Happy Shitmas!

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