Master Steve’s Toilet POV


Your Master Steve needs to use the restroom to relieve himself but he needs a good & willing toilet to keep his mouth open wide. Are you a good toilet? Will you answer Master Steve’s call?

Filmed with two camera’s to ensure you don’t miss anything in this perfect toilet point of view video I show you EXACTLY what it would be like to be a full toilet for me.
Please do not feel ashamed, I’m showing you what a beautiful & erotic act it truly is to be a toilet for me. The second camera angle was set up perfectly to give you the most realistic view of my ass under my toilet chair.

Throughout my slow shitting scene you will hear me talking to you, encouraging to keep chewing and swallowing, hearing my grunts of pleasure and relieve. Seeing my beautiful, thick & creamy turds slowly sliding out and curling out of my hairy asshole towards your open mouth.

I keep talking to you during all of this, encouraging you to swallow and telling you how good it feels to shit into your mouth slowly while doing it. You never experienced such an erotic feeling in your life. You are aroused to a point of no return as you are eating your meal from my alpha male ass. You hope and pray it will never end. Luckily for you I have a massive shit, you almost can’t believe the amount of waste coming out of my ass for you to eat.

I like talking to my toilets while I’m using them and afterwards is no exception. As I get up I look down through the toilet seat at you, smiling and telling you how proud I am of you and what a good little toilet you are!

You won’t find a more erotic and better toilet point of view video out there 🙂

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