look at me push out my big poop slowly



A very large turd comes out of my rectum, my anus opens very wide to let it out slowly.

What a big fat poop!

I love catching it coming out of my well dilated asshole.

Look at me defecating heavily in front of you!

What a great relief with good fart after!

I’am young, athletic, brown hair, somewhere shaved, somewhere not, but always ready for scat games and masturbate me with shit 😉

– Pooping time
– Opening, plug my little smelly hole and self shitty assfucking
– Pushing hard
– Sniffing my shit
– Smearing all over body
– Licking and sucking turd
– Cumming on smeared shit or hard big turd
– Fetish smelling unwashed cock and neglected dirty pussy of my girl
– Farting for cumming

You know, I like all the pleasures that come out my shit hole.

Accessories used : stimulator, dirty panties