Long set of fat pooping and cum on my turds (43:58min)



Pooping is always a pleasure, when the anus widens and opens slowly to release the large fecal load that pushes to exit.

Feel the hot and brown mass perfume the atmosphere and stimulate my big cock which spurt on big thick turds.

I like to suck and lick my hard shit, his strong taste is orgasmic


I’am young, athletic, brown hair, somewhere shaved, somewhere not, but always ready for scat games and masturbate me with shit 😉

– Pooping time
– Opening, plug my little smelly hole and self shitty assfucking
– Pushing hard
– Sniffing my shit
– Smearing all over body
– Licking and sucking turd
– Cumming on smeared shit or hard big turd
– Fetish smelling unwashed cock and neglected dirty pussy of my girl
– Farting for cumming

You know, I like all the pleasures that come out my shit hole.

Accessories used : stimulator, dirty panties