Large rock poop pushed out, licked, smelled and cum covered (12:51)



I open my anus to the maximum to expel a nice turd very hard and very wide.

After having relieved my ass, I want to empty my balls on my beautiful big poo.

I’m excited to have pushed so hard, its scent is intoxicating especially associated with the smell of my cock which is not washed and which stinks of my wife’s sex which is neglected between the thighs because she loves strong smells

It is so beautiful, small but so big, I want to taste it!

I lick it and then I rub my penis on it.

I love to feel my glans caressing the fecal texture, the heat makes me wet like a pussy, it slips, it smells good, my sperm drips over it with pleasure…

Have fun watching me poop and play with my hard penis and cum like a pig, cum hard!

Also poo before, during or after your masturbation, your orgasms will be better!

To the pleasures!

I’am young, athletic, brown hair, somewhere shaved, somewhere not, but always ready for scat games and masturbate me with shit 😉

– Pooping time
– Opening, plug my little smelly hole and self shitty assfucking
– Pushing hard
– Sniffing my shit
– Smearing all over body
– Licking and sucking turd
– Cumming on smeared shit or hard big turd
– Fetish smelling unwashed cock and neglected dirty pussy of my girl
– Farting for cumming

You know, I like all the pleasures that come out my shit hole.

Accessories used : stimulator, dirty panties