Kit ‘N’ Shit


Home from the football game and it’s straight up to his bedroom for some extra time!
Our goldenboy releases a few fresh farts from his athletic butt before the desire to piss overcomes him so bad he can’t help but let go in his footie shorts!
Well the shorts are well why not get the rest of his kit soaked in piss, and his room… and his bed!
While pushing his piss load out at full force he accidentally pushes out some shit too, whoops! However as the bed is covered in piss anyway he decides he might as well continue to make a mess and pushes out a massive load of shit too!
The allure of the warm fresh shit is too much to resist plunging his cock into so he does just that! Fucking his shitload and smearing the stinking mess all over his cute peachy bubble butt and then over his defined smooth body.
Just when you think he’s out of shit, he squirts out another load from his hole, wow this boy is full of shit today!
A beautifully creamy cum shooting orgasm concludes the excitement… until next time!