Ice-cream & Lemonade (25min HD)


Summer’s here and it’s not surprising our boy has the urge for some ice-cream and lemonade, the only difference here is he manufactures it himself!
Well you can’t beat the fresh goodness of home produce can you?
After pissing all over himself and sampling his golden lemonade, he undoes the secret zip to dispense a mister wippy full of his own ice-cream – chocolate flavour of course!
His dreamy dessert proves to be a bit rich for his delicate stomach though as he pukes it back up all over his throbbing cock, it doesn’t spoil his enjoyment though, in fact it only adds to it!
Some hot dildo action follows resulting in more shit oozing from his hole which he delightfully proceeds to smear over his slim smooth sexy body!
Not surprisingly this tips him over the edge resulting in a powerfully intense cum conclusion – well you did order extra cream with your dessert didn’t you?
A wonderful tea-time treat for all puke, piss and dirty lovers!

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