Hot SHIT-late


Spring is coming but it’s still quite cold at night. Had a long day, baby? On cold winter nights, curling up at home by the fire with something hot to drink (hot chocolate, for example) is just the thing to take your cares away. Traditional and soothing.

But you’re a perv …a shit-eating toilet slave. Your penis has such DIRTY homosexual desires. Care for something kinkier in your cup, mister? i’ve got just the thing – in HD! ♥

Hot SHIT-late lets you watch and stroke your pre-cumming cock, as step by step i make you the FILTHIEST hot beverage known to man! Fresh from my anus! That’s right. Who needs chocolate when we can use poop instead? In this sexy special clip, Poppa smokes a cigarette and takes a big sloppy dump for you. Re-watch in slow motion with enhanced audio (good Lord, it’s a soft beauty). After we get some good close-up views of my reddish-brown dung logs, i scoop my shit into a beautiful Christmasy mug. Together we add boiling water and stir, melting my crap into creamy goop …and top it off with a handful of mini marshmallows. The result: a steaming mug of pure, delicious, hot male shit! Your mouth will water as you see the marshmallows go from white to brown, coated in my rich feces. Is Poppa too good to you? Mmmmm i think so! ♥ Drink up, you fuckin’ faggot …and try not to cum too quickly from the taste of my bum filth (or the view). And there’s a bonus: a zip folder with 26 high-res photos! Turn my dirty male poop into the wallpaper of your wet dreams, on your smartphone and your desktop.

This clip is a stroke of inspiration come to life that turned out really well. i’m a modest man but honestly, i’m proud of this one. The brief mini-montage at the very end is soooo sexy too. It’s a must-have video for your scat porn collection, pervert! So take off your pants and get ready for nearly 12 minutes of flavourful FILTH and wintery warmth. ♥

TECHNICAL NOTES: For your convenience, this purchase comes with four video downloads and a bonus.

– 1 large MP4 (1920 x 1080, approximately 1.15 GB – for HD lovers).
– 1 much smaller MP4 (856 x 480, for data-conscious smartphone peeps. Truly great despite a nearly 90% bit-rate reduction!)
– 1 large WMV (1920 x 1080, approximately 1 GB).
– 1 much smaller WMV (856 x 480, for older computers and/or those who prefer this format).
– Bonus zip folder with pics.

If you guys would prefer other formats (MKV for example), let me know OK? i’m here to please you! i still plan to invest in professional lights and newer software as soon as affordability allows. But this clip shows how good lighting and mindful shooting go a long way. i LOVE making crisp HD content for horny hand-fuckers like you. ♥ (Btw i used my only spoon for this, AND i drank a nice hot beverage in the very same mug seen in this video, moments after filming)

Enjoy my excrement, stay warm tonight and cum again soon for more, gay pig! (i’ve got burning diarrhea already filmed and waiting to be edited.) Love always,

Poppa xoxo ♥

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