Gold on Gold (HD 29 mins)


Our hunky dirty boy is back, this time a sight to behold – all dressed in gold!
Adorned in his sexy new skin tight gold rubber suit it’s not long before his hard cock is out spraying liquid gold everywhere including into his own mouth as he eagerly gulps his delicious golden piss down.
With all that sexual energy flowing It’s not long before his thick creamy white load is flowing everywhere too in the first cum shot of the evening!
Now it’s time to don the gas mask before unzipping the rear of his suit to drop some of his precious golden nuggets of stinky shit onto his bed, naturally it’s not long before the urge to spread some gold on gold overwhelms him as he smears his golden excrement all over his pale white silky skin and even back into his own boy butt!
Finally a good fucking of his shit hole with his unique turd dildo results in a second creamy explosion!
Gold on Gold is’t just another 5 minute shit flick, but an artistic expression and celebration of the seductive sensuality of scat, pure gold erotic entertainment!

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