For the love of poo


This boy loves his poo so much – he’s even got the T-shirt to prove it!
We discover him in his bedroom caressing his smooth tight hairless body alone on his bed, it’s not long before he has the urge to take a piss, and what better place to do it than on the bed, soaking himself and the crisp clean sheets in the process!
Then as the urge to poo takes him, he points his white little bum towards the camera and let’s out a lovely sticky brown log right onto the bed too!
Those sheets don’t stay clean for long as the real fun now begins and you get to witness how much he really delights in smearing his warm shit, repacking it back into his own hole and even tasting it!
Boy, this boy really does love poo!

(I have a version of this which features puking too, drop me a personal message If interested, and I will upload it if I get some interest in this type of element in my vids!)

Check out part 2 of this filthy film available now, where the clean up turns even dirtier!

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