Fish Finger Feces


Are you having some queer cravings? Feeling horny on your lunch break? Fancy some fingers in rude places? Well, Poppa has the best of both worlds for you poofy poop lovers today in this clip: Fish Finger Feces ♥ Yummy! A lunchtime favourite for dirty faggot fruits like you, who dream of soft, creamy male shit served fresh from bare asses. And believe me, the GIF doesn’t do this one justice. Jack off to this at work!

i opt for a hot meal of freshly baked fish fingers seeing as they’re on sale. Boy oh boy, they go through me fast and get my bowels moving – let’s hear it for tasty, greasy tempura batter and fish oils. As my hairy asshole is spread wide in “you are here” clarity, a thick soft log of filth comes sliding out of my bum just for you! It’ll make your mouth water. But there’s more! Re-live the juicy crackling defecation in slow-motion instant replay with enhanced audio (you’ll love hearing the wet SQUELCH) and a new ‘dreamy’ look, as you jack your crazed cock and pre-cum leaks everywhere.

Together we take a nice close-up tour of my large, curvy brown turd – seeing all the fine details as i describe it to you. (It looks rather phallic, doesn’t it? Probably because of all the cocks i’ve had inside me! Always bareback of course) The stench of my POO is so fucking STRONG. After snapping some high-res stills, i light another cigarette and enjoy a smoky little shit-side chat with you – fingering my feces, flicking ashes onto my crap and tantalizing you. Lastly, i put out my burning cancer stick by pushing it directly into my soft stinking dung. A brief dreamy slo-mo replay (with enhanced audio to really capture the sizzle) is included. Wouldn’t you just love to squeeze your penis while smoking a cigarette coated in my dirty shit? Mmmmm i bet you would! ♥

You’ve never had a horny lunch break quite like this before. So peel off your pants and get ready for nearly 8 minutes of hot FILTH, mister. And there’s a bonus: a zip folder containing 28 high-res photos!

TECHNICAL NOTES: For your convenience, this purchase comes with four video downloads and a bonus.

– 1 large MP4 (1080p, approximately 758 MB – crisp HD!).
– 1 much smaller MP4 (856 x 480, for data-conscious smartphone peeps. Truly great despite a nearly 88% bit-rate reduction!)
– 1 large WMV (1080p, approximately 610 MB).
– 1 much smaller WMV (856 x 480, for older computers and/or those who prefer this format).
– Bonus zip folder with pics.

If you guys would prefer other formats (MKV for example), let me know OK? i’m here to please you! i still plan to invest in professional lights and newer software as soon as affordability allows. But this clip shows how good lighting and mindful shooting go a long way. i LOVE making crisp HD content for obsessed hand-fucking queers like you. ♥

Enjoy my excrement and cum again soon for more, pig! Love always,

Poppa xoxo ♥

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