Finger Fuck While Shitting


Have you EVER seen a guy having his asshole finger fucked WHILE shitting!? Well you have now! Stinky Steve is giving you a real treat in this video. Not only did I finger fuck my own asshole WHILE shitting so you can see my thick & smooth turds in a battle to escape past my fingers. I also take my big pile of shit and shove it back up my rectum for you!

Yes! I did EXACTLY that! You can see my asshole gaping from my shit I’m pushing back in with my fingers so I can shit for you all over again. You think this is it don’t you? You’ll be wrong because I showed it back up my own ass AGAIN after shitting it all out a second time so you can enjoy me shitting a THIRD time!!!

You’ll hear my growls and grunts from pleasure as I push my big shit out past my fingers while fucking my own asshole. Seeing me getting lost in the pleasure of it all as I shove my big & soft load of turds right back up there for you TWICE!

You won’t find any such animalistic pleasure of a guy finger fucking himself during a bowel movement and pushing it back up his own rectum for continuous shitting while finger fucking his own ass anywhere else.

Filmed from two angles to ensure you don’t miss any of this erotic action. Check the pictures and you’ll see on my face the erotic pleasures I experienced WHILE controlling my hard-on. Very few men are this skilled in being able to control a boner during such dirty playtime 🙂

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