Feet First


We Join our horny soccer boy ready for a shower after the game, (you can tell how horny he is as he cums before he even starts!) It’s not a traditional shower our lad is after but a hot golden shower as he deluges himself in his endless streams of fresh hot piss, drinking it down and soaking his team kit.
Even more piss follows as we are greeted with a ground up view of him soaking his shorts, you can almost taste the piss as it lands on your face!
Then it’s time for the shorts to come off and our hot lad to pucker up his smooth hole and dump a huge pile of his gorgeous brown shit load right into the bathtub, another ground view of his falling shit makes you wan’t to open your mouth and taste it!
With a hot steaming pile of boy dung at his feet our horny lad is unable to resist the temptation as he steps into the beautiful fresh pile feet first!
We are treated to close ups of his fresh boy load oozing through his toes as he squelches around enjoying the beautiful sensations of the warm mush under his soles.
Another orgasmic load of piss (where does it all come from!) issues from his rock hard cock, before he climaxes by pushing out a load of sticky white cum handsfree!
Enjoy this scat , piss, kit and foot lovers delight!

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