Farty Bear Shits and Farts in Closeup


Farty Bear arrives at his hotel and is desperate to shit after holding it in all day. He hovers over the toilet and lets a soft poop squirt from his hole. It feels so good to release the stinky, creamy shit after holding it all day. Later in the shower he realizes that the glass cubicle makes the perfect echo chamber for some serious farting. He lets out some massive, loud farts in the confined space and listens to them reverberate off the walls. His ass is so full of gas he keeps on farting, blasting out fart after fart as he squats down and shows his asshole in closeup. Watch his anus twitch as he moves to the bedroom and squats over the camera. He farts straight into the camera and lets rip. This is 5 minutes of hot, hard farts!

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