Farty Bear Pisses and Shits his Pants


Farty Bear is desperate for the toilet and he just can’t wait so he lets go and pisses himself. Watch the hot pee spread around his crotch and down his leg, drenching his white tracksuit bottoms and the black mesh jock he’s got underneath. He rubs the pee into the fabric as he continues to piss but then realizes he really needs to shit too. Fully dressed he slowly lets a turd creep out of his hole. Watch as the fabric turns brown as his shit fills up the tight fitting white tracksuit. When he does pull them down, a lump of poo falls out and his shit smeared hole is revealed. Of course this being Farty Bear, his ass is also full of gas. Watch him blast out fart after fart from his shitty hole. Man, those must stink! When he’s finished farting he can feel there’s just a little more shit left and so he squats down to release the last bit of poo onto the floor. This is Farty Bear’s longest and dirtiest video yet!