Farty Bear Pisses, Shits and Farts


It is getting warmer and Farty Bear was out enjoying the spring weather when he needed the bathroom really urgently. Not bothering to take off his underwear he pisses right through his mesh briefs wetting himself in a nasty public toilet in the park. Once his bladder was empty he needed to shit really badly and so he squatted down and lets out a massive, soft turd that fills the toilet. Although he dumped a massive load he still needed to fart and so he starts to let rip. He passes gas as people come in to use the urinal. They must have wondered what he’d eaten to make such loud farts! Farty Bear thought his ass was empty but he was still feeling flatulent on the way home and so he had to drop his sweatpants to let out more farts in the park. Still not empty, he took his ass out onto the balcony and let his neighbors hear him blast out a few more thunderous farts until his ass was really empty. Enjoy Farty Bear’s latest public toilet excursion!

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