Extracurricular activities


Home from school and this horny boy is delighted to find his parents are still out and rushes upstairs to his bedroom to have a wank over a porn mag he’s borrow from a class mate,
flicking through the pages makes him so horny his cock begins to boil over with his hot cum!
That’s not the only thing that’s overflowing from this hot jock’s cock, as he unleashes hot streams of piss all over his bedroom and uniform, pouring a fresh glass to enjoy as a healthy drink too!
Luckily the porn mag is not the only thing he’s borrowed for his chum to satisfy his cravings, as he fishes out a dildo from his school bag!
we get to intimately witness his first time with a dildo, on his inexperience he fails to realise the need for an anal douching before hand and much to his surprise (which soon turns to delight) he dildos out a gorgeous sticky brown turd right onto his clean bed!
Happily this leaves him undeterred and just tries to use his turd as a new dildo instead! Phew this is one kinky boy!
The exhilarating feeling of playing with his own boy dung soon leads to a hot smearing session all over his shirt, tie and slim, hairless sexy body!
He even can’t resist a taste of his own butt fudge!

Look out for part two where the fun continues and gets even dirtier!

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