Dirty Fucker


Our dirty chav shows there’s no holes barred when it comes to fun with his piss and shit!
Like any self respecting chav in need of a piss, he just lies on his bed and pisses in his trackies, then over his hot toned boy.
This make him hot and horny and so his attention turns to his hole, it doesn’t matter if it’s full of the brown goo too!
Fingers, a fist and two huge dildos find their way up his gaping shitter covering his arse in shit with every thrust, doesn’t this chav care he’s shitting up the bed? Not likely!
Some chav dung saved from the day before finds it’s way repacked up his gaping hole, just to ensure he’s got plenty to play with!
After stuffing in back up his hole and shitting it out again it’s time to stuff it into his jockstrap, damn those trackies are getting really shitted up now!
A massive cum shot brings a cheeky smile to this dirty fuckers face, he can’t get enough of his filth, neither will you!

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