Dave London’s Outdoor Dump


British porn star Dave London is back for another dirty exclusive for us. Watch him head out into the garden and strip off. He’s horny and wanking before he’s even got his jock off. Once he’s buck naked, he crouches down and lets a huge shit curl out of his anus. Watch the massive brown poo snake out of his hole in close-up. It must feel so great letting out a massive shit outside. Once he’s emptied his bowels, he scoops up the fresh shit and smears his exposed buttocks with his own crap and then licks the pile of shit in his hand to get a taste. Dave’s a true exhibitionist shit pig! He finishes off jerking his hard cock until he shoots hot cum over the pile of shit he’s left on the floor. Don’t miss this nasty, shitty exclusive from a real porn professional.

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