Dave London: Vintage Taste III


Another delve into the archives of British porn star Dave London (Dads Fucking Lads, Bulldog XXX, Eurocreme and Cazzo Films, etc) reveals some early dirty action from our favorite scat daddy. The third entry in this series sees Dave start out standing in the bathtub desperate for a shit. He reaches around and lets a big turn snake out into his palm. He takes the handful of fresh crap and gleefully sticks it in his mouth. In the second clip he takes a massive dump on the closed lid of his toilet, creating a huge pile of soft shit. He gets down on his needs and gets his face right in it so he can lick up a nice piece of hot shit. In the final clip he squeezes out a firm turd. It looks so tasty so he bites of a chunk and chews it before swallowing it down. Yum!

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