Dave London Strips, Pisses and Shits in the Garden


British porn star Dave London (Dads Fucking Lads, Bulldog XXX, Eurocreme and Cazzo Films, etc) is back with another kinky scat video for us. Dave starts off stripping out of his clothes in the garden, peeling off even his jockstrap, until he is totally naked. He grabs his hard cock and lets out a stream off piss, shaking his dick around as he sprays piss onto the grass. When his bladder is empty, its time to release his bowels and he turns his ass to camera and begins to push. He forces out a big turd right there in the garden in full view of his neighbors. We slow down the crucial moment and zoom in to give you a second and third look at the shit leaving his hole. Of course, that’s not kinky enough for Dave and so he grabs a handful of hot crap and smears it on his ass cheeks until his buttocks are brown and covered in his shit.

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