CWM: Shitting My Mesh Briefs Mid Workout



I’m in the middle of a cardio workout when my stomach starts to cramp. I push on, rejecting the opportunity to use it as an excuse to take a break. I grab my stomach, then my butt as I realise it’s more than just random cramps. I struggle on, moaning and sighing as I desperately try and resist the urge to push. I come to a standstill as the strain overwhelms me; I feel my control slipping away as poop gently parts my butt cheeks. As the futility of resisting further dawns on me I relax, piss cascading through my briefs as my poop slowly begins to force its way out of me. I push hard, savouring the relief as shit quickly fills my mesh briefs. My focus quickly returns to my workout; the huge bulge of soft poop wiggles side to side as I get back up to speed. I can feel the weight shifting as the soft, warm bulge brushes against my legs as my commitment to working out is replaced by sexual excitement. I come to a halt and instinctively grab the back of my briefs as I tease myself, momentarily resisting the urge to sit down on the seat…

I’m a 28 year old heterosexual male from the UK. I’m 6’0″ tall, caucasian, green eyes and auburn hair. My body size, body hair and hairstyle vary, but generally I’m somewhere between slim and average build, hairy chest and short and styled or long and messy hair.