CWM: Desperation Wetting While I’m Left Waiting For My Colleague


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I’m wearing a white shirt, navy trousers and a matching navy tie, waiting for my colleague to arrive. He’s running late, which is bad news for my full bladder! Mild discomfort is rapidly growing into desperation as I pace up and down the hallway. The longer I’m kept waiting, the more restless I become; fidgeting, moaning and grabbing my crotch as the desperation becomes unbearable. There’s still no sign of him as the relentless aching overwhelms me, a feeble gasp of ‘oh no’ escaping from my lips as piss cascades down my legs uncontrollably…

I’m a 28 year old heterosexual male from the UK. I’m 6’0″ tall, caucasian, green eyes and auburn hair. My body size, body hair and hairstyle vary, but generally I’m somewhere between slim and average build, hairy chest and short and styled or long and messy hair.