CWM: Desperate Wetting While I Play My Gameboy


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A video of me sitting in my bedroom playing on my Gameboy while I try and ignore the growing urge to go for a piss. I’m too distracted by the game I’m playing to notice the desperation getting worse. My focus on the game is eventually broken when I suddenly realise I’m already wetting myself uncontrollably. As I put the Gameboy down I start thinking about what happened. The way the soaking wet clothes stick to my skin really turns me on and I can’t resist stroking my cock while I sit on the chair I covered with piss, wearing the clothes I soaked with piss while I think about the moment everything ended up covered in piss as I quickly orgasm, cumming all over the floor…

I’m a 28 year old heterosexual male from the UK. I’m 6’0″ tall, caucasian, green eyes and auburn hair. My body size, body hair and hairstyle vary, but generally I’m somewhere between slim and average build, hairy chest and short and styled or long and messy hair.